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Ayurvedic Body Care, Udaipur offers a complete program of whole body ayurvedic rejuvenation and detoxification through massages.

Ayurvedic Body Care is highly recommended by prestigious guide books i.e. Lonely Planet, French Guide Book, Michelin German & Israeli Guide Books. We are recommended by Lonely Planet since 2003.

Ayurvedic Body Care

Ayurvedic Body Care offers ayurvedic full-body massage, head massage; back massage, foot massage and facial massage etc with pure herbal products and oils.

The primary aim of Ayurvedic products is to cleanse the body of substances that can cause disease. This helps re-establish the harmony and balance, necessary for optimal health. We also have ayurvedic products for sale such as Biotique, Himalaya, Pure Aroma Therapy/Essential Oils, Hand-made Soaps and Organic India - Tea & Herbs

In Biotique Products we are having a vast collection of skin and hair care products such as Face Cleansers, Face Fresheners, Face Exfoliators, Skin Revitalizer, Nourishing Moisturizers, Eye Contour Care, Lip Balms, Sun Protectors, Hair oil products etc.

Himalaya Products gives solution for each and every treatment. In Himalaya products we are having a series of products for Gastric Care, Skin Care, Respiratory care, Nervine Care, Diabetes care, joint care & Cardiac Care etc. Himalaya products are pure and concentrated, scientifically tested & Guaranteed for the highest quality and potency.